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Oud Solid Fragrance


The strange, long, and wonderful history of Oud There is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia called Aquilaria. The wood of these large trees is light in colour and doesn’t have any particular aroma. There is also a parasitic mould that inhabits the area.  When this mould infects the Aquilaria trees, the tree responds by making a resin, called agarwood, that makes it difficult for the mould to develop. This resin has a wonderfully deep woody aroma that has been treasured in many cultures for hundreds of years.

Agarwood, also called oud, jinko, or gaharu, has an aroma that is ideal for incense. For this reason, oud became associated with cultural and religious ceremonies in ancient cultures. Oud is mentioned in the Sanskrit Vedas, one of the oldest written texts, and in chronicles from Third Century AD China. A large piece of agarwood that probably originated in Cambodia, is mentioned in The Chronicles of Japan, a 6th Century AD text. This piece of agarwood is now at the Nara National Museum, where it is exhibited about 10 times per century.

But oud is not just for religious ceremonies. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac, and a wonderful (and very expensive) perfumery ingredient. To create our version of Oud we combined agarwood with other essential oils from Asia to obtain a balanced, luxurious, solid fragrance. Our Oud must be allowed to develop slowly on the skin, with base notes becoming evident over a period of hours.