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Poet's Narcissus Solid Fragrance


Poet's Narcissus Solid Fragrance 0.9 gr/25 gr. Our newest solid fragrance comes from the daffodil fields of Southern France. In early Spring, Narcissus poeticus plants flower with their typical white petals, light yellow corona and a reddish edge. These elegant flowers are intensely fragrant, the aroma reminding us of a combination of jasmine, hyacinth, and wild citrus fruits. The starting point is a Narcissus poeticus flower concrete obtained by enfleurage. This highly concentrated extract has a typical dark green color and a primarily herbal aroma. On dilution the color turns light yellow and the aroma develops immediately in all its intensity. This fragrance has a light yellow color contributed by the Narcissus extract.

The daffodil flower base is complemented with herbal, earth, orange blossom, and powdery notes that persist on dry down. This is an elegant, light and long-lasting feminine aroma, suitable for both day and evening wear.