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What is ethnobotany? Simply put, ethnobotany is the study of how people and cultures (“ethno”) relate to plants (“botany”). Drawing upon the sciences of botany, anthropology, phytochemistry, sociology, medicine and agriculture, ethnobotany delves into the way that people’s lives across all cultures are directly linked to the botanical world. The survival of the human race has depended on the instinctual desire of people to learn how to use plants and plant-based materials for food, shelter, medicine, cosmetics, religious ritual, and even play!

Ethnobotany was coined as a scientific term in 1895 when American Botanist John William Harshberger used the term to describe his own studies of plants as they were used by primitive and aboriginal people. Modern day ethnobotanists continue to seek information about plants as held by indigenous people world-wide from knowledge passed down by their ancestors.

Many ancient plants in their native habitats are coming into an international spotlight as modern approaches to medicine, and in our case, skin care, return to a more natural, holistic approach; an approach known by our ancestors be effective and healing.

At NZ Fusion Botanicals™ our interest in skin care began with our strong ties to New Zealand and the plants that the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, have been using for centuries for clear and beautiful skin. Australian Bush Medicine was also instrumental in leading us to plants that we use in our botanical formulas. With the knowledge gained in New Zealand and Australia, and our background in chemistry, we have been able to combine plant extracts that will work together synergistically (but wouldn’t achieve the same goals individually) to create high quality, minimally-processed, botanical skin care products.

From the realms of cultural anthropology to modern chemistry, ethnobotany is merging worlds in ways that bring more clarity and better results to the field. Human knowledge about plants, and the relationship that we have with plants, continues to change and develop more over time as our personal needs change. The experts at NZ Fusion Botanicals are honing in on new discoveries happening worldwide to continue to bring new formulations, new ingredients and more effective products to our loyal customers. We strive to integrate new findings about the plant world into our work, while preserving the old botanical knowledge that is the foundation of our company.