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NZ Fusion Botanicals™ was founded on the concept of ethnobotany the relationship between people (“ethno”) and plants (“botany”). The skin care products that we create are delicate combinations of plant extracts, sustainably harvested from around the world, in formulas that honor and respect the ancient knowledge of the indigenous people who taught us about botanical skin care.

Botanical ingredients, often from organic sources, are the cornerstone of our skin care lines. Every ingredient serves a purpose to the effectiveness of the product; we never use artificial colors, artificial fragrances or toxic preservatives. From our initial roots on the New Zealand and Australia aboriginal knowledge about plants and skin care we have expanded to include knowledge about plants and beauty throughout the world and through the ages. In addition to ingredients from Australia and New Zealand, we currently incorporate ingredients from Hawaii, Africa, the Caribbean, and America, creating a powerful fusion of the best plant-based skin care secrets from across the globe.

NZ Fusion Botanicals™ does not use any animal products or animal testing. We are strictly a botanical company, creating hydrating plant-based skin care products suitable for discerning customers, regardless of gender, who seek soft, healthy, blemish-free skin without the use of synthetic ingredients. We take care in procuring fresh ingredients grown in their native habitats, purchasing only what we need for a small batch of each product at the time of production. We never keep large quantities of ingredients on hand, which ensures the products are always fresh when they reach your home. To maintain the vitality of the natural plant ingredients in each of our products, our processing techniques are minimal, keeping intact the integrity of the plants in their natural state.
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